Top tips on what to expect from a Barre class with Emma

Your questions answered!


Barre classes have been around since the '50s, when former dancer Lotte Burke opened her first studio in London.

Fast forward half a century and Burke-inspired barre classes are more popular than ever.

It is one of the fastest, most effective ways to change your body but what can you expect from a class?

It’s ballet-inspired, not ballet

You don’t need dance experience or prior knowledge to take a barre class, and you don’t even have to be familiar with the ballet barre.

The barre is used as a prop for stretching and strengthening.

Starting on a mat, Emma will lead you through a warm up then move on to upper body work.

You’ll typically then move to the barre to work your glutes (bum muscles) and your legs in standing positions, returning to the mat to isolate your core.

You will use light hand weights and sometimes balls, which will all be provided for you. Don't be fooled by the light weights... they soon start to feel heavy!!

Barre classes are great for EVERY body

Barre is a low impact workout that can be done by people of all shapes, sizes, age and gender. Yes boys, that means you're welcome too.

While the Emma's Barre technique is challenging and high intensity, it is low impact, meaning that you'll get an awesome full body workout without putting excessive stress on your joints.

If running or jumping doesn't work for you and causes you pain, Barre could be just what you need.

You may not look super graceful doing these moves, and it’s not going to feel easy.... and that is why you will love it!! Focus on your own movement, have fun and see results!

If you’re doing it right, you’re going to shake — and feel that burn.

Oh yes, that's right!! Expect to feel muscles that you didn't know you had.

Emma's barre classes focus on precision and proper form.

You’ll do small, slow movements, but you will definitely feel them because you’re isolating specific muscle groups you’re not used to using.

It's not about how many reps you can achieve or how quickly you can smash out an exercise!

    Embrace the lovely shakey-shakey feeling and know that you're working hard!!

    It’s great cross-training.

    Emma's Barre classes are all about strength, balance and flexibility.

      If those are not your strongest areas, it will be challenging. If you go to the gym on your own, you may be stuck in the habit of doing the things you’re good at.

      In class, you will focus on the areas that you may not be used to working, making you stronger and less prone to injuries.

      Dress comfortably and ready for a workout.

      You can wear grippy socks or go barefoot, leave the fancy running shoes at home.

      Another clothing tip...short shorts are not ideal!  You’ll be doing a lot of open-leg poses and leg lifts so cropped or full leggings are a better bet.

      So there you have it.

      Hopefully that will make things a little clearer if you've been wondering what all this talk of Barre is about.

      If you have any specific questions, please do get in touch (

      See you at the Barre!!