new Year, new....?

what? new you? new habits? new goals? new resolutions? new shoes? new fitness class?

How has your 2019 started?

I've taken a long break over christmas which has been awesome. I've spent time with family and friends, travelled the length of the country and spent a lot of time sitting down.

I keep feeling guilty about not doing any work or getting promotional material ready for the new year but then I remind myself that I also need down time.

That's why you haven't heard from me in a while.

But now I'm back!!

I started my New year with a super lazy day watching movies and drinking lots of tea! Well needed after the night before I can tell you.

Then yesterday I began to get my body moving again.

Not only have I taken time off work but I've also given my body a rest.

This has not exactly worked out for me... Throughout the holidays, I've been suffering (that sounds so dramatic) with some pretty shitty back pain. It started as just muscle soreness after a workout but combined with travel, different beds, sofas, slouchy chairs and a considerable lack of activity, it set in for a couple of weeks.

I took a few breaks while helping cook christmas dinner so that I could roll around on the floor for a bit to get some relief!

I've been patient with my body, tried to move gently each day to help ease the aches and pains and gone on some nice walks. I'm now feeling a lot better (hardly any pain) but rather unfit and sluggish.
I've also, like a lot of you I'm sure, over indulged on food and booze (mostly cheese and red wine!).

I'm definitely feeling the ill effects of my few weeks of unusual habits.

So, as I said, yesterday I got moving. I went for a bike ride for all of about 30 minutes and then I did some yoga.

I did the same this morning, extending my bike ride by about 10 minutes as well as taking on a more challenging yoga sequence (I even said “thank you body for putting up with the abuse I've given you” out loud whilst riding this morning!).

My back is already feeling a lot better. My energy levels are already on the up and I'm looking forward to getting put on my bike again tomorrow and hitting the yoga mat.

What I'm trying to get at is that no matter how lazy and relaxed and indulgent you've been, don't give yourself a hard time. Be nice to yourself and treat your body to a bit of exercise. Whatever form that might take. Build up the frequency and intensity over the next few days, weeks and months and feel better for it.

However 2019 has started for you, I hope it's an awesome one!